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WordPress Hack 2019 – hellofromhony.com – We can fix!

Bummer, your WordPress website has been hacked! Don’t worry: you’re far from being the first to get hacked. WordPress is one of the most widely used website management systems in the world, which is also very interesting for hackers. The important thing now is to quickly make your WordPress website hack free and make the chance of a new hack nil, by securing the website well and keeping it up to date. Swooth will help you with this at a fixed rate.

Recently, an attack on several websites has been carried out. The website is forwarded to hellofromhony.com. We can help you to remove this scam/virus. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. Usually the same day.

For only 80 dollar we will clean your website and make it work again. Just contact us in the contact form and we will help in 24 hours!

Who Are We?

Swooth is an internet company, which was created because we, two young creative entrepreneurs, have entered into a collaboration. As a result, various forces have been combined in one company.

With Swooth we make online content striking. During our first year we found out that there is even more demand for online content in the following years. That is why we are always working on innovations to make our services better and more attractive for the new and current customer.


We are a full-service company, which means that we can help you with design and content, up to and including online development. Collaboration with you is key.

Our step-by-step plan for your website

We take stock of the size of the hack and see how it was applied.

Making a backup
To be on the safe side, we make a backup of the existing website.

Cleaning up & rights
Control and cleanup of all files in the web space, and database and rights check.

Change Passwords
We preventively change both the database password and the passwords of all WordPress users.

Performing a virus scan
To make sure that there are no more malicious files or URLs, we perform a virus scan.

Live Places
The website will be placed and tested live by us again, and possibly rejected by us.

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